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New book!

New book!

by Og DeSouza -
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A new OPEN ACCESS book has been just released by CopIt ArXives, to which our lab has contributed with Chapter XIX.

CopIt-arXives y EditoraC3 (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-938128-05-9
Edited by Mariana Benítez, Octavio Miramontes and Alfonso Valiente-Banuet
Prologue by Stuart A. Kauffman


Advances in molecular biology, remote sensing, systems biology, bioinformatics, non-linear science, the physics of complex systems and other fields have rendered a great amount of data that remain to be integrated into models and theories that are capable of accounting for the complexity of ecological systems and the evolutionary dynamics of life. It is thus necessary to provide a solid basis to discuss and reflect on these and other challenges both at the local and global scales. This volume aims to delineate an integrative and interdisciplinary view that suggests new avenues in research and teaching, critically discusses the scope of the diverse methods in the study of complex systems, and points at key open questions. Finally, this book will provide students and specialists with a collection of high quality open access essays that will contribute to integrate Ecology, Evolution and Complexity in the context of basic research and in the field of Sustainability Sciences.