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Termites (English), Cupins (Brazilian portuguese - Português do Brasil), Térmitas (Portuguese - Português),
Termites (French - Français), Termiten (German - Deutsch), Termitas (Spanish - Español), 
Termitter (Norwegian - Norsk), Termiti (Czech - Cesky).
"What makes things baffling is their degree of complexity, 
not their sheer size...a star is simpler than an insect."
(Martin Rees, Scientific American, Dec. 1999)

the IV Simposium of Termitology

will be held at Viçosa MG Brazil in 2017.

More news to come soon!


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Grumpy by hunger: resource availability modulates aggressivity in termites
by Og DeSouza - Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 11:02 AM

A new paper by Ecological Interactions Lab (UFSergipe) teamed with our Termitology Lab (UFViçosa), shows that resource availability affects termite behavioural responses to chemical cues and the degree of colony aggression.


Cristaldo et al 2016. Resource availability influences aggression and response to chemical cues in the Neotropical termite Nasutitermes aff. coxipoensis (Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae). Behav. Ecol. Sociob. (online first) doi:10.1007/s00265-016-2134-y