Federal University of Viçosa - Department of Entomology, Brazil 
Termites (English), Cupins (Brazilian portuguese - Português do Brasil), Térmitas (Portuguese - Português),
Termites (French - Français), Termiten (German - Deutsch), Termitas (Spanish - Español), 
Termitter (Norwegian - Norsk), Termiti (Czech - Cesky).
"What makes things baffling is their degree of complexity, 
not their sheer size...a star is simpler than an insect."
(Martin Rees, Scientific American, Dec. 1999)

the IV Simposium of Termitology

will be held at Viçosa MG Brazil in 2017.

More news to come soon!


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Top-down network analysis characterizes hidden termite–termite interactions
by Og DeSouza - Thursday, 4 August 2016, 12:57 PM

New paper coming out from our collaboration with researchers from multiple universities in USA and UK. The first insight on posing termitophily in the mutualistim-parasitism continuum.

Campbell et al 2016. Top-down network analysis characterizes hidden termite–termite interactions. Ecology and Evolution, open access.