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Federal University of Viçosa - Department of Entomology, Brazil 
Termites (English), Cupins (Brazilian portuguese - Português do Brasil), Térmitas (Portuguese - Português),
Termites (French - Français), Termiten (German - Deutsch), Termitas (Spanish - Español), 
Termitter (Norwegian - Norsk), Termiti (Czech - Cesky).
"What makes things baffling is their degree of complexity, 
not their sheer size...a star is simpler than an insect."
(Martin Rees, Scientific American, Dec. 1999)
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IV Simposium of Termitology

held at Viçosa MG Brazil in November 2017.



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    Mastotermes meets Brazil!

    by Og DeSouza -

    Mastotermes meets Brazil! A new fossil termite species is found in southeastern Brazil. 

    Bezerra, F. I.; Mendes, M. & DeSouza, O. New record of Mastotermitidae from Fonseca Basin, Eocene-Oligocene boundary of southeastern Brazil. Biologia, 2020

    a drawing of Mastotermes brasiliensis fossil

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