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If you are interested in joinning our research group, please follow the directions below:

  1. If you are a professional researcher seeking scientific cooperation please contact us  (Dr. Og DeSouza: to establish a research agenda based on our common interests.
  2. If you have recently finished your PhD and is seeking a Pos-doc position, contact us.   Upon request, we can try to arrange facilities such as accommodation at the University hotel, at very low price.
  3. If you are a PhD student seeking a tropical place to conduct your thesis' research on termites, please write to Dr. Og DeSouza ( in order to get additional information on how to align our scientific interests. If you come from abroad, we can help you to get the necessary collecting permits, but this may take longer than you are used to in other countries. So, contact us in advance.  Upon request, we can try to arrange facilities such as accommodation at the University hotel or even in student homes, at very low price. We do not charge bench fees but we do expect you to come as a collaborator, sharing not only scientific ideas, questions, and their products but also the running costs of the research.
  4. If you are seeking a place to be enrolled as a MSc or PhD student carrying out research on termites, please visit the site of the Graduation Program on Entomology (CAPES rank 7) or the Graduation Program on Ecology (CAPES rank 4) at Federal University of Viçosa, to check the general info on the program you interested on. Please note that:
    • You must pass the course's examination to get enrolled and, once passed,  there are good chances that  you will be offered a grant to cover your personal expenses.
    • The official language of the course is Portuguese. Most classes are taught in Portuguese and, eventually, there are entire disciplines taught in English.
    • Specifically in our Lab we have constant demand for spoken English abilities, because the scientific collaboration we hold abroad makes it not uncommon to have an English speaking visitor among us.
  5. If you are a undergraduate student aiming to take part in our lab activities, helping us with our research programme while being trained in termite ecology and behaviour, just send us an email or come personally to the lab to have a look on the possibilities. 
  6. If you are a Software Developer, seeking a significant free software system to help, please note that we have interesting opportunities on neural networks for pattern recognition and movement tracking (e.g.: ) as well as on biodiversity data management (e.g.: BioMa
    Please note that Undergraduate, MSc, and PhD students working in the Lab of Termitology are expected:
    • to be curious and enthusiastic about knowledge, science, and particularly termites
    • to love reading and learning
    • to be fluent in English up to the end of their course
    • to not fear maths
    • to comfortably discuss evolutionary theory
    • to work on explicit hypotheses (see
    • o seriously consider using computers beyond spreadsheets and wordprocessors
    • to be cooperative rather than competitive
    • to act proactively

    Please, feel free to write to us ( in case of any doubts.

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